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The scout uniform is something to be worn with pride.  In Pack 67, the Class A uniform consists of the hat, shirt, neckerchief and slide, and belt.  Blue jeans or other decent pants that look respectable should be worn.  Shorts can be worn as well.  Shirts should be tucked in and clean for all meetings where the Class A uniform is worn.  Den meetings will not always require the class A uniform, often we will wear the Class B uniform which is the Pack T-Shirt or Sweatshirt.  Appropriate footwear is always a must.  Boys should wear sneakers at a minimum.

We wear uniforms in scouting to show our unity as a scouting family.  No person is better than the next, we are all equal and this is symbolized by the uniform.  Occasionally we will have uniform inspections.  Inspections serve two purposes.  First, to teach the boys how to wear the uniform correctly.  Not everything earned in scouting is worn on the shirt.  Through inspections the boys will learn this.  Secondly, uniform inspections will show the boys that we take pride in what we do and through this example hope they will follow.

Uniform items can be purchased locally from Herb Phillipsons in Watertown on Arsenal Street, at the Scout Shop in Syracuse or online at

If you have any questions concerning the appropriate uniform and what is needed, contact your den leader. For more information on the uniform click here: Uniform Information.