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Cub Scout Pack 67
(Philadelphia, New York)
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Pinewood Derby

The pinewood derby is an annual event.  In December the boys are issued a pinewood derby car kit.  By the end of February the boys will turn this block of wood and four wheels into a lean and mean racing machine.  Boys compete in each den for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  These winners will move on to compete at the District level.  Besides speed, there is also an award for best design.  The pinewood derby is not just fun for the boys.  At Pack 67 we invite adult partners and siblings to race as well.  Car kits can be puchased at Herb Phillipsons, the Scout Shop or several other resources online.

For official Pinewood Derby Rules download the document found below.
Icon File Name Comment  
Pinewood Derby Rules.docx Pinewood Derby Rules  

Raingutter Regatta

The raingutter regatta is an annual event just like the pinweood derby.  The boys are given a boat kit and, with supervision of their adult partner, they prepare their boat for raceday.  Siblings can also purchase a boat kit and build their own boat and race for fun.